Saturday, May 24, 2008

Show Me Your Cans

A jettisoned canister (jet-can)

When Good Samaritan asked if I was a hauler, I believe he was onto something. One of the most entry-level forms of pirating is to take the contents of another citizen's can (usually ore) in an attempt to force a combat situation. The idea is simple: Disrupt or irritate a miner to such a degree that in the heat of the moment, blinded by emotion, they commit to an act of aggression in a ship that is combat-inferior to your ship of choice. My ship of choice is the Rifter, a Tier-1 (T1) Minmatar frigate. Citizens often discount frigate class ships as weak or inferior due to their small size and the minimal training that frigates require. A combat pilot can take a frigate and turn it into a lethal and capable weapon.


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