Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dirty Frarn

Bruce Destro: Noob Slayer

Bruce Destro >" i leave for a month and rens is full of nubs again, me and kal have work to do"
Xeromedes > "isn't that the point of rens? the nub nursery?"
Bruce Destro > "rofl"

Five minutes earlier, I had flipped Mr. Destro's can while he mined into a jet-can in an asteroid belt near Frarn VI. As a result of my actions, Destro promised retribution and harsh consequences. He returned to that asteroid belt in a Muninn, a tier 2 Minmatar Cruiser. Curious, and itching for a challenge, I warped to his position, taunting Destro with my Rifter, "Panty Dropper".


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