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Ransom 101: Parlay with Pegleg

Ransom FAQ

Chances are if you are reading this page you are at the mercy of 'old Pegleg Punk. While mulling over his ransom demands you are probably wondering if the shifty fellow will indeed honor his end of the bargain once you make his wallet "blink"?

The answer is a resounding, "YES" as long as certain criteria are met...

1.0 Ransom FAQ

1.1(a) *Victim Compliance
In order to successfully survive a parlay with Pegleg Punk, you must immediately comply with the following:
  1. Cease and Desist further act(s) of aggression.
  2. Power down all active ship modules. 
  3. Deactivate/Recall any and all drone(s).
  4. "All Stop": bring your ship to a halt.
  5. Make my wallet blink: deposit the full ransom amount to Pegleg Punk.

1.1(b) Non-Compliance is Described as, but not Limited to:
  1. Stalling tactics- or behavior that could be construed as stalling tactics.This includes, but is not limited to, taking longer than four minutes to comply with demand(s).
  2. Corporate Reinforcements- Any corporation reinforcements (real or perceived) will cancel our parlay.
  3. "Wallet Tricks"- Dropping a zero or two in the hopes that I won't catch the discrepancy is a great way to lose your ship!
  4. Disregard/Apathy- ignoring instructions, and/or demands is a forfeiture of parlay or any other arrangement on the part of the victim.
  5. Failure to leave the system and/or area within 15 minutes.
  6. General non-compliant behavior
*Failure to comply with any and all requirement(s) will result in the forfeit of victim's ship(s) and/or assets. 

1.2(a) Ransom Formula:
A ransom demand is usually 50-75% of the aggregate value of the victim's ship, modules, riggings, and cargo- that figure may be further modified by the pilot's age and/or implants. Cargo is defined as, but not limited to, any assets found in a ship's cargo hold as well as a victim's jet-can(s), secured storage containers, wrecks, etc.

Thorough scan(s) of ship and cargo are utilized to accurately determine the ransom figure prior to demand.

A ransom is not limited to ISK, but may also take the form (or combination thereof) of an embarrassing or humiliating request such as singing Air Supply over voice comms, typing quotes from the movie, "Ishtar" in local, or pledging fealty to the Amarrian Empire.

    1.3(a) Successful Ransom
    A victim will have approximately 4 minutes (and no more than 4 minutes) to comply with ransom demand(s).
    1. Upon a successful ransom, the victim will cease and desist all activities in the sector where the ransom took place: Failure to do so will be construed as an act of noncompliance.
    2. The victim will have approximately 15 minutes to vacate the sector and surrounding area in which the ransom took place. If the victim should still remain in the designated sector, or area of space after the 15 minutes have elapsed, the victim is described as non-compliant and available recourse will be taken against said victim.
    Items factored into a ransom that was paid by the victim will be returned to the victim as long as compliance is maintained. In the event that the victim becomes non-compliant, his/her assets' are forfeit.

    1.3(b) Comply with any and all Demands:
    I may be a scoundrel and perhaps I am as mad as the Mad Hatter himself, however, I am foremost a businessman and will not ask of you anything unobtainable. I will honor our arrangement for my part, as long as you honor yours. If at any time you fail to comply with the rules set about in this FAQ, any ransom paid to Pegleg Punk is forfeit, as well as any assets as outlined and defined in section 1.2(a).

    Complying with my demands ensures a speedy and successful business transaction for all parties involved.

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