Thursday, March 10, 2011

#70: Remember the Titans!

A Cyclone is a terrible thing to waste!

While passing through the Leurtmar system, I had scanned what appeared to be a mining operation sharing a jet-can in asteroid belt 3-1. I frowned in disappointment when I discovered that I did not have a safe spot bookmarked for that particular belt.
No time like the present,” I said to myself with a grin. I instructed Aura, my ship’s artificial intelligence, to warp 100K out from 3-1. As my Rifter, Panty Dropper, aligned in preparation of the warp jump, Aura’s voice purred throughout my pod, “Warp drive active.”
A hollow report engulfed my senses as my ship entered warp. The jump only took a relative few seconds, and I was in belt 3-1. Approximately 96 “klicks” off of Panty Dropper's starboard side was a Retriever and a Wreathe with a jet-can nestled between them. The Retriever is a mid-sized mining barge developed by the ORE syndicate that allows for a modest 25 m3 drone capacity. 

The Wreathe is an aging industrial ship commonly found in the Minmatar Republic, and one of the oldest ships still in active use. I had little hope that there was much inside the jet-can other than maybe a single piece of ore, or perhaps a bookmark- something to keep the can active so that when the pilot mining in the Retriever were to dump ore into the jet-can, the hauler piloting the Wreathe could scoop that ore into the Wreathes spacious cargo bay.
I engaged Panty Dropper’s afterburner, and eased the ship away from the two pilots and their mining operation. I performed a data inquiry on both pilots as I cleared the distance from the center of belt 3-1. Piloting the Retriever was Giovani De’yonet, a pod pilot for little over a year and C.E.O. of Central Mining Industries (CNMIN)- a corporation boasting four members and part of the "One Power" alliance. One Power boasts to be, "the force that maintains the continuous motion of the Wheel of Time".

Giovani De'yonet

I quickly added Central Mining Industries to my contacts list and lowered the corporation’s rating. By doing so I could better monitor corp member activity and movement to avoid a trap. De’yonet was accompanied by Vash Sandman, who happened to be piloting the Wreathe. According to Mr. Sandman’s dossier, he had even less experience than De’yonet. 

Regardless of how young each pilot seemed, recent experiences with T2 drones have caused me to exercise even more caution when engaging capsuleers. Mr. De’yonet was not utilizing any mining drones which could mean that nestled in his Retriever's drone bay were angry little wasps ready to sting at his beckoning. Aura announced my distance from Mr. De’yonet’s jet-can to be approximately 275K, banishing my revelry. 

I opened my fleet communications channel (fleet comms), and spoke calmly to my wing *ahem* woman, “Miss Toro, meet me in 3-1. Let’s you and I have a little sport.”
“You find something for me to haul, Peg?”
“Perhaps; we shall soon see,” I said, as my lip curled in anticipation. 

Timing is key when attempting to interrupt an operation of this sort. Engage the miner and hauler too soon, and you are likely to find little to no ore inside their jet-can. On the other hand, lingering too long may see the hauler fill his cargo to capacity, which will then involve transporting that cargo to a predetermined station for refining. Feeling impetuous, I decided not to wait for Sandman to warp his hauler out of 3-1. Instead, I plotted a destination adjacent to De'yonet's jet-can and engaged Panty Dropper's warp drive.
"Toro, I am going to attempt to make a little mischief. Be ready on my mark, please."
Toro responded with a snort, "I'm already warping to your location, Peg." It was very fortuitous that Toro had not been scooped up in my years fact it was a little surprising. An intuitive pilot, I met Toro when she had first transferred to the Republic University. She had answered a discretionary advertisement that I had placed seeking a capsuleer with credentials to pilot industrial class ships. Even then, Toro expressed her displeasure with her scholarly pursuits, lamenting just how boring mining and processing ore was. She craved adventure, something I was able to offer in abundant supply!
Panty Dropper finished our short warp jump and I focused my attention on the task at hand. With any luck, perhaps I could convince one of these fine CNMIN pilots to engage me in a little scrap! I slowed Panty Dropper to a stop, just as she bumped into De'yonet's jet-can. I opened the can to find a measly 70 units of ore! 


Deflated, I was faced with the inevitable decision; continue with the task at hand, and place De'yonet's ore into a jet-can of my own (as any good civil engineer would), or move on and find a juicier target. Toro's industrial ship dropped out of warp about 15K away from my present location as I pondered what to do, however, seeing her ship helped me decide on a course of action.
In a proud display of representation, I moved my civil engineer's badge so that is was clearly visible on the lapel of my jacket before I dropped my own jet-can and transferred De'yonet's 70 units of ore from his jet-can into mine. I plotted a course to the location I had occupied moments before, 275K away, and within seconds Panty Dropper accelerated into warp. Once the small jump was complete, I willed Panty Dropper on a lazy course trajectory paralleling De'yonet's ship. I quietly anticipated what De'yonet's next move might be.
"Bet you he is going to drop a new can and ignore you, Peg!" Toro sneered.
"How much, dear lady?" I retorted.
"Dinner! A nice dinner this time, Pegleg- and no more Amarrian cuisine. Bleh!"
Personally, I abhor Amarrian cuisine, but not enough to pass up a golden opportunity to play a joke on my hired-hand. Ahh, but that is another story- one she would probably long to forget. I agreed to Toro's wager; something inside my gut told me that De'yonet was going to bite. Nothing overt in his public dossier, nor in his corporation's public records...just intuition. As I dissected that thought, I watched in disbelief as De'yonet and Sandman warped their relative ships out of 3-1. I furrowed my brow at the development, attempting to process what just happened amidst Toro's taunting laughter.
When Toro found her composure, she said,"Lets Amarrian. NO protein delicacies...just a nice 3-star meal..." Her sentence trailed off as a Minmatar battle cruiser dropped out of warp almost on top of her ship, threatening to collide with her industrial. I could hear warning klaxons blaring over the fleet comms channel as Toro feverishly raced to avoid being rammed by the war boat. 

Mr. De'yonet had returned with a Cyclone battle cruiser! Boasting a mass of 12,500,000 kg, a 40 m3 drone bay, and eight high-power slots, the Cyclone was truly an epic warship. Visually, stunning, the fore of the Cyclone resembled an ancient warrior's helmet with a single glowing eye in it's center. Extending from that helmet on both sides, were multiple rows of wings. The fore of the ship continued into a thick trunk that tapered at one point before continuing into a sleek aft section. This particular battle cruiser was built for speed and to provide support for frigate detachments. 

It was clear that De'yonet wanted to teach me a lesson for interrupting his mining operation. I fed the coordinates of my jet-can to Panty Dropper and engaged my warp drive for the second time. I had two concerns about engaging De'yonet; the potential that I would face drones, and Sandman- his corpmate. I would have to remain in control of my senses to win this engagement- a true test of my mettle.
As soon as my frigate dropped out of warp a yellow square began flashing around De'yonet's Cyclone, indicating his ship's targeting system was locking firing solutions on Panty Dropper. The next instant Aura painted De'yonet's Cyclone red on my Heads Up Dispay (HUD) indicating I could engage him in combat. I easily avoided the two Eradicator heavy missiles that the Cyclone had hurled at me, one exploding harmlessly to my port side. I engaged Panty Dropper's afterburner, propelling her toward the battle cruiser at 1100 m/s. The speed was enough to avoid being hit by De'yonet's three 425mm autocannons- their munitions too large to compensate for my frigate's superior speed. 

Immediately after Aura had successfully locked the Cyclone, I engaged my frigate's warp scrambler- denying De'yonet the ability to warp away- escape from our engagement. Next, I ignited all three of my 150mm autocannon IIs pouring advanced munition rounds into the Cyclone's hardy shields. De'yonet had yet to warp-scramble, or web my frigate which meant that his heavy missiles could not hope to score a successful impact against my ship. Likewise, any potential drones that I could face would be less likely able to damage Panty Dropper due to her superior speed and small signature radius. 

The Cyclone's shields proved formidable, but not invulnerable to my Rifter's three autocannons. Slowly, the rounds of ammunition pouring into and eroding the Cyclone's shield successfully bit into armor! I began alternately swapping my Republic Fleet EMP S ammo, with Barrage S. Barrage S boasted a higher explosive and kinetic damage point- the two types of damage that the Cyclone's base armor was least resistant to. My eyes flickered between the Cyclone's drone bay(s) and my HUD's overview display. I licked my lips in anticipation- surely Sandman would return to support his CEO! No sooner had I completed that thought, than Sandman dropped out of warp piloting a Rifter.  

I allowed myself the luxury to scan De'yonet's Cyclone and determined his armor was at roughly 30%. Once I broke through his battle cruiser's armor, it's tender hull would be exposed and easily consumed by my frigate's munitions. I grew tense as Sandman's Rifter resolved a firing solution on Panty Dropper. I quickly began targeting the frigate in preparation for the inevitable. De'yonet's Cyclone had not been properly equipped to face my frigate, and the apparent lack of drones reinforced that fact. However, Sandman's frigate could prove a devastating match for me, providing De'yonet the cover he needed to flee at the least, and neutralizing my frigate resulting in an eventual loss, at worse.
Once Aura had successfully locked onto Sandman's Rifter, I immediately engaged my stasis webifier on his ship in an effort to slow him down. Sandman's Rifter opened fire on my frigate chewing into Panty Dropper's shields. Aura informed me that Panty Dropper was successfully hit by Sandman's 125 light galium machine gun, his 200m light prototype automatic cannon, however, Sandman's 280 carbine howitzer completely missed...
I laughed with glee! Did this man really mix short-ranged and long-ranged projectile weapons at the same time?! When Sandman failed to warp scramble or web my Rifter, my confidence bubbled over into another, infectious laugh. It was at this time that De'yonet's Cyclone's hull integrity reached 20%. I watched hundreds of tiny escape pods jettison from the hull of the ship- apparently De'yonet's crew had little faith in him.
Pegleg Punk > Not very nice, Mr. De'yonet
Giovani De'yonet > you stop and ill stop
Pegleg Punk > Dear sir, you out match me!
Pegleg Punk > You outgun me!
Pegleg Punk > You outship me!
Pegleg Punk > I am a fly in comparison to you!
just fucking stop and we can talk,” Giovani De'yonet shrieked over the local communications (comms) channel.
I replied in a mocking tone,“Stop? STOP??! Too late, Mr. De’yonet.”
Too late.
De'yonet's Cyclone battle cruiser, oblivious to his screams of protest, stretched and expanded into a grotesque caricature of its previous form. Tiny gaps of blinding light perforated the length of the battle cruiser’s hull where plating could no longer contain the fiery ball of energy consuming the ship. The tremendous explosion, the result of my Rifter’s three autocannons pumping advanced ammo into the ship’s armor and hull, now threatened to engulf my frigate. 

Aware of the danger that the exploding Cyclone posed, I continued Panty Dropper into a tightening elliptical orbital around Vash Sandman's Rifter. Sandman was attempting to quietly limp his Rifter out of scrambler range, and to relative safety. Having just witnessed his C.E.O, De'yonet, lose a battle cruiser by my hand, Sandman was eager to disengage from the fray.
I willed Panty Dropper into an evasive maneuver- a barrel roll if you will, in an attempt to avoid incurring damage from the fireball that De'yonet's Cyclone had become. That ball of energy was engulfing many of the rocks’ in Leurtmar’s asteroid belt 3-1, turning them into dust. Having acquired a target lock on Sandman's Rifter earlier at the peak of my contest with De'yonet, I was able to quickly ignite my frigate’s warp scrambler onto Sandman’s damaged Rifter, thus denying him the ability to warp. 

Mere seconds earlier that same warp scrambler had denied De'yonet's Cyclone the capability to warp to safety as well; however, later I would question why De’yonet did not utilize the Micro Warp Drive (MWD) fitted to his Cyclone. The Micro Warp Drive is capable of tremendous speeds far outpacing an afterburner module at the expense of a larger capacitor drain. Had De’yonet activated his ships MWD, hey may had been able to outdistance my warp scrambler long enough to plot a warp jump to safety…
Instead of chancing a glance in the general direction where De’yonet’s battle cruiser had once been, I ignited Panty Dropper's afterburner which in turn formed golden coronas' around the ship’s exhaust ports. The additional thrust pushed Panty Dropper well past 1,000 m/s;  hurling toward Sandman’s frigate traveling the shortest path possible. Panty Dropper’s three autocannons whirred to life spitting out deadly shards of ammunition which sliced through his Rifter’s shields. 

When Sandman’s shield failed, I took the luxury of swapping out my advanced ammunition with a Tech 1 (T1) version. The process took exactly ten seconds, but there was no need to waste expensive faction ammunition on this pithy Rifter. I circled Sandman’s ailing frigate in a tight arc, Panty Dropper’s autocannons’ blazed to life, signaling the success of the ammunition swap, to finish pulverizing the damaged Rifter.

Armor and hull were penetrated at almost the same time, and it took less time to annihilate Sandman’s ship than it did to swap out the ammunition. A brief explosion illuminated the rocks that hung silently in 3-1 as the remnants’ of Sandman’s ship intermingled with the wreckage that was once De’yonet’s Cyclone

Some part of me could feel those rocks approving of my actions this day, by punishing their interlocutors. I nodded silently- a gesture to their memory and suffering.

I surveyed belt 3-1 and whistled in disbelief; hard to believe all of this was over seventy units of ore…
Triumphantly, I picked through the wreckage of both CNMIN ships. What little was left, I scooped into a jet-can that Toro would confiscate. As a precaution I plotted a course to my earlier safe spot in 3-1- just in case De'yonet, or one of his lackeys wanted another ride on the pain train. As I jumped to warp, I noticed Sandman landed inside 3-1 piloting a second ship- his Wreathe!
Curse my luck. He must have returned in an attempt to salvage anything left from his Rifter and De'yone't's Cyclone.

Vash Sandman
"Pegleg, is this guy for real?" Toro asked, her voice cracking. Even the most inexperienced pilot knows to acknowledge and respect the aggression counter! To provide your enemy multiple opportunities to shoot at you when you are at a disadvantage is folly. Mr. Sandman was either painfully ignorant, or desperate. Whatever the case, I would provide Sandman with an abject lesson in self preservation.
As I alligned my frigate to warp, targeting Toro's industrial, I reloaded my autocannons with fresh ammunition.
"Warp Drive Active," Aura said in her resonant voice.
The jump was quick, and by the time I cleared the 9K distance between Toro's ship and Sandman's Wreathe I had his ship locked and activating my scrambler. The poor Wreathe capitulated fast, igniting into a terrific explosion that caused shadow and light to play off of Panty Dropper's hull in a menagerie of shapes. Sandman quickly warped his pod away from 3-1, running like a cur with his tail tucked between his legs!
Fuming, Giovani De'yonet began a hate-filled sermon in the local comms. The focus of his stormy ire? Me!
[ 2011.03.07 06:29:27 ] Giovani De'yonet > you a bitch you worthless piece of shit there are no such things as permits you can suck my dick you pirate piece of shit
[ 2011.03.07 06:29:28 ] Pegleg Punk > Too late.
[ 2011.03.07 06:29:39 ] Pegleg Punk > Oh, but there is, Mr. De'yonet
[ 2011.03.07 06:29:54 ] Giovani De'yonet > no theres not you worthless piece of shit
[ 2011.03.07 06:30:12 ] Pegleg Punk > For a mere 20 million per day, 100 million per week, you may mine in this area without harm or foul!
[ 2011.03.07 06:30:56 ] Giovani De'yonet > idc about your corps rules you fat fucking shit this is free space and i can do whatever i want you fucking monkey shit
[ 2011.03.07 06:31:11 ] Pegleg Punk > Dear, sir.
[ 2011.03.07 06:31:19 ] Pegleg Punk > I am still a student with the RMS.
[ 2011.03.07 06:31:30 ] Pegleg Punk > I am a civil engineer keeping this area of space clean.
[ 2011.03.07 06:32:06 ] Pegleg Punk > Mr. De'yonet, if you don't stop hurling insults at me, I'm going to report you to your corporation CEO.
*Of course I knew that De'yonet was the acting CEO of CMIN. My intention was to raise his ire to boiling!
[ 2011.03.07 06:32:13 ] Pegleg Punk > Would he allow such violence?
[ 2011.03.07 06:32:27 ] Giovani De'yonet > your full of shit theres no such things as permit you fucking idiot ive played this game longer than you ever have so suck my dick bitch and get the hell out of my sector
[ 2011.03.07 06:32:31 ] Pegleg Punk > Such verbal assault?
[ 2011.03.07 06:32:40 ] Giovani De'yonet > i am the CEO of my corp you fucking idiot
[ 2011.03.07 06:32:56 ] Giovani De'yonet >so suck my dick bitch
[ 2011.03.07 06:33:14 ] Pegleg Punk >Sir.
[ 2011.03.07 06:33:17 ] Pegleg Punk > Do you have one to suck?
[ 2011.03.07 06:33:35 ] Pegleg Punk > Right now, you're only demonstrating a sandy smile :(
[ 2011.03.07 06:33:39 ] Vash Sandman > you sir are a dick hole and i hope you choke to death on you mothers dick
[ 2011.03.07 06:34:11 ] Pegleg Punk > Winning...
*Dear readers, I am a being of flesh and blood and therefore prone to weakness. Weaknesses such as appetite for flesh, appetite for drink and the occasional appetite for Charlie Sheen quotes!
[ 2011.03.07 06:34:29 ] Pegleg Punk > What sort of "friendly" corp would say such things to another person?
[ 2011.03.07 06:34:48 ] Pegleg Punk > You are the so-called "CEO" and yet this is how you represent your corp members?
[ 2011.03.07 06:34:51 ] Vash Sandman > a friendly that just got shat on twicw
[ 2011.03.07 06:34:55 ] Pegleg Punk >I pity them.
[ 2011.03.07 06:35:05 ] Vash Sandman > *twice
[ 2011.03.07 06:35:11 ] Giovani De'yonet > what kind of "peace keeper" attack vessels and can flipps them you stupid piece of shit
[ 2011.03.07 06:35:19 ] Pegleg Punk > Sir, you attacked me first.
[ 2011.03.07 06:36:09 ] Giovani De'yonet > no you flipped us which is why we attack if you werent stealying from other people we wouldnt have these problems
[ 2011.03.07 06:36:32 ] Pegleg Punk >You attacked me with a CYCLONE.
[ 2011.03.07 06:36:43 ] Pegleg Punk > You attacked me, a lonely frigate pilot, in a CYCLONE.
[ 2011.03.07 06:36:51 ] Pegleg Punk > SEVENTY, Mr. De'yonet.
[ 2011.03.07 06:36:57 ] Pegleg Punk > Seventy...
[ 2011.03.07 06:37:09 ] Giovani De'yonet > after you flipped me and i didnt attack you untill you scrambled me you stupid fuck
[ 2011.03.07 06:37:15 ] Pegleg Punk >Sir.
[ 2011.03.07 06:37:31 ] Pegleg Punk > If I had scrambled you before you attacked me, Concord would have interceded on your behalf.
[ 2011.03.07 06:38:16 ] Pegleg Punk > Therefore, I was only able to scramble you after you had attacked me.
[ 2011.03.07 06:38:21 ] Pegleg Punk >For SEVENTY ore...
[ 2011.03.07 06:38:25 ] Giovani De'yonet > dude your full of shit get out of minmatar space or youll be dead before tomorrow morning
[ 2011.03.07 06:38:32 ] Pegleg Punk > You shouldn't litter Mr. De'yonet. That is the morale of this story.
[ 2011.03.07 06:38:34 ] Pegleg Punk >Your story.
[ 2011.03.07 06:38:54 ] Giovani De'yonet > i wasnt littering you fucking idiot i was mining
[ 2011.03.07 06:39:06 ] Vash Sandman> and i was the runner
[ 2011.03.07 06:39:16 ] Giovani De'yonet >and theres no law against either in the first place
[ 2011.03.07 06:39:17 ] Pegleg Punk > You had litter strewn all over belt 3.
[ 2011.03.07 06:39:19 ] Pegleg Punk > All over.
[ 2011.03.07 06:39:27 ] Pegleg Punk > No law, perhaps not.
[ 2011.03.07 06:39:40 ] Giovani De'yonet > i was in belt 1 dumbass i havent even been to belt 3
*If only Mr. De'yonet was as meticulous about outfitting a ship as he is about location reference!
[ 2011.03.07 06:39:56 ] Giovani De'yonet > god your a fucking idiot
[ 2011.03.07 06:40:02 ] Pegleg Punk > As there is no "law" disallowing passionate capsuleers to clean up garbage littering space.
[ 2011.03.07 06:40:13 ] Pegleg Punk > I am the idiot Mr. De'yonet?
[ 2011.03.07 06:40:41 ] Pegleg Punk > Yet, you lost a CYCLONE to me in my Rifter. And your corpmate lost an additional two ships’ as well.
[ 2011.03.07 06:40:55 ] Giovani De'yonet > yes because you can flipped and interupted a peaceful mining operation
[ 2011.03.07 06:41:02 ] Pegleg Punk > So, if I am an idiot as you say, what does that make you and Vash, MR. De'yonet? hm? What DOES THAT MAKE YOU?
[ 2011.03.07 06:41:10 ] Pegleg Punk > ...seventy. *whispers* seventy.
[ 2011.03.07 06:41:41 ] Pegleg Punk > You call slaying those helpless asteroids "peaceful"?
*Asteroids are sentient beings, and should be afforded an amount of respect as such.
[ 2011.03.07 06:41:43 ] Giovani De'yonet > this is your last chance get out of minmatar space or you will die
[ 2011.03.07 06:41:51 ] Pegleg Punk > How inhumane are you, sir?
[ 2011.03.07 06:42:16 ] Vash Sandman > asteroids are chuck of rock
[ 2011.03.07 06:42:41 ] Giovani De'yonet > wow your really a fucking idiot your supposed to mine them and they are inanimate objects it is physically immpossible to slay them
[ 2011.03.07 06:42:42 ] Pegleg Punk > Mr. De'yonet, how are you going to facilitate that threat? I've already destroyed three of your corp's ships.
[ 2011.03.07 06:42:45 ] Pegleg Punk > Do you have any left?
[ 2011.03.07 06:42:52 ] Pegleg Punk > Another Wreathe, perhaps?
[ 2011.03.07 06:43:09 ] Pegleg Punk > Those asteroids scream silently; a slow painful death.
[ 2011.03.07 06:43:15 ] Pegleg Punk > And you smugly lecture me on ethics.
[ 2011.03.07 06:43:18 ] Pegleg Punk > How dare you, sir.
[ 2011.03.07 06:43:21 ] Pegleg Punk > HOW DARE YOU.
[ 2011.03.07 06:43:24 ] Pegleg Punk > ...seventy.
[ 2011.03.07 06:44:02 ] Pegleg Punk > Mr. De'yonet, how are you going to kill me?
[ 2011.03.07 06:44:09 ] Pegleg Punk> You have yet to answer that question.
[ 2011.03.07 06:44:21 ] Giovani De'yonet > how dare you threaten me in my fucking system in my local space if your not gone by tomorrow a titan will arrive and remove you either peacefully or by force you choose now get out
*And there it is- De'yonet threatened to eradicate me with a TITAN!
[ 2011.03.07 06:44:23 ] Pegleg Punk > Perhaps you'll use the same deadly tools that you use on those peaceful asteroids?
[ 2011.03.07 06:44:34 ] Pegleg Punk > a slow and torturous death.
[ 2011.03.07 06:44:45 ] Pegleg Punk > I choose to stay.
[ 2011.03.07 06:45:17 ] Pegleg Punk > I'm going to link arms with the peace loving asteroids in this system and sing kuhmbaya like a vile hippy, until I see that big Titan arrive.
[ 2011.03.07 06:45:23 ] Giovani De'yonet > omg your so fucking stupid i cant believe idiots like you are allowed to live retards like you should be killed at birth
[ 2011.03.07 06:45:27 ] Pegleg Punk > And when it does arrive, Mr. De'yonet, what will it do?
[ 2011.03.07 06:45:33 ] Pegleg Punk > Offer me a jet-can to flip?
[ 2011.03.07 06:46:01 ] Pegleg Punk > Dear, Mr. De'yonet, what does that say for you and Sandman then?
[ 2011.03.07 06:46:29 ] Pegleg Punk > By your words a simpleton just punished you and your corp.
[ 2011.03.07 06:46:38 ] Pegleg Punk > You let a simpleton beat you, Mr. De'yonet?
[ 2011.03.07 06:46:40 ] Pegleg Punk > Really?
[ 2011.03.07 06:46:41 ] Giovani De'yonet > ive got the money to replace my stuff and guess where i got it killing your stupid fucking asteoids
[ 2011.03.07 06:46:55 ] Vash Sandman > 1 ship or a 1000 ships i will mine you stupid ass bastard
[ 2011.03.07 06:46:58 ] Pegleg Punk > Blood money, dear sir.
[ 2011.03.07 06:47:01 ] Pegleg Punk > Blood money.
[ 2011.03.07 06:47:12 ] Vash Sandman > and its oh so sweet too
[ 2011.03.07 06:47:25 ] Pegleg Punk > Mr. De'yonet, you should invest in a mining permit to avoid future entanglements with the law.
[ 2011.03.07 06:47:40 ] Vash Sandman > law thts funny coming from your mouth
[ 2011.03.07 06:47:58 ] Giovani De'yonet > your not the law stupid concord is
[ 2011.03.07 06:48:09 ] Pegleg Punk > Otherwise, this will just continue; you will continue to lose ships. Your mining operation will slow to a crawl, and your blood pressure will rise.
[ 2011.03.07 06:48:30 ] Pegleg Punk > Concord represents one facet of order.
[ 2011.03.07 06:48:43 ] Pegleg Punk > However, the Minimatar Republic, is another story altogether.
[ 2011.03.07 06:49:08 ] Pegleg Punk > And in that massive Republic is a Civil office of engineers tasked with keeping Metropolis clean.
[ 2011.03.07 06:49:20 ] Pegleg Punk >I am one such civil engineer.
[ 2011.03.07 06:49:32 ] Vash Sandman > you kno your coming off as stupid right now
[ 2011.03.07 06:50:15 ] Giovani De'yonet > no your a fatass bastard with no life who takes this game way to serious
[ 2011.03.07 06:50:17 ] Pegleg Punk > And in my travels, I discovered that asteroids are sentient to some degree and have the capability to feel pain.
[ 2011.03.07 06:50:31 ] Pegleg Punk >Dear sir.
[ 2011.03.07 06:50:55 ] Pegleg Punk > I guess all you have are insults to hurl, since you lost your ships to a simpleton piloting a frigate.
[ 2011.03.07 06:51:14 ] Pegleg Punk > So, please, continue to fire your volleys’ of vitriol.
[ 2011.03.07 06:51:21 ] Vash Sandman > a chunk of rock has no feeling no intellegence
[ 2011.03.07 06:51:29 ] Giovani De'yonet > so go right your dumbass little blog "down by law" and tell your stupid tale of how your a stupid fucking asteriod protector to all those idiots how dont give a rats ass about you
[ 2011.03.07 06:51:36 ] Pegleg Punk > Mr. Sandman, you are grossly incorrect.
[ 2011.03.07 06:52:00 ] Pegleg Punk > Mr. De'yonet are you requesting I make you famoius?
[ 2011.03.07 06:52:02 ] Pegleg Punk > *famous?
[ 2011.03.07 06:52:39 ] Giovani De'yonet > go ahead and write your shit idc your a fucking useles part of the game world
[ 2011.03.07 06:52:42 ] Pegleg Punk > Would you like me to write about you and Mr. Sandman? How the both of you were committing heinous acts of cruelty against defenseless balls of rocks?
[ 2011.03.07 06:52:54 ] Vash Sandman > gotta love stupid trolling douche nozzles tht get off on messing with people that are working
[ 2011.03.07 06:52:59 ] Pegleg Punk > I am a useless part of the game, Mr. De'yonet?
[ 2011.03.07 06:53:14 ] Pegleg Punk > I am not the one that lost a Cyclone to a frigate pilot.
[ 2011.03.07 06:53:22 ] Pegleg Punk > ...seventy.
[ 2011.03.07 06:53:23 ] Giovani De'yonet > yes you are and it would be better of without you
[ 2011.03.07 06:53:31 ] Pegleg Punk > However, here I am.
[ 2011.03.07 06:53:37 ] Pegleg Punk > And here I will stay.
[ 2011.03.07 06:53:48 ] Pegleg Punk > Unless you can somehow change that, Mr. De'yonet.
[ 2011.03.07 06:53:55 ] Pegleg Punk > What did you say? You were going to kill me?
[ 2011.03.07 06:54:08 ] Vash Sandman > you'll be dead by dawn
[ 2011.03.07 06:54:13 ] Giovani De'yonet > i wont the titan thats coming for you will
[ 2011.03.07 06:55:18 ] Pegleg Punk > What is the name of this scary titan, Mr. De'yonete?
[ 2011.03.07 06:55:30 ] Giovani De'yonet > have fun while you can cause once your in hell i rule over you and it will be a painfull afterlife for you
*Mr. De'yonet finally admonished the fact that he is...the ruler of hell.
[ 2011.03.07 06:55:59 ] Giovani De'yonet > im done with you and your uselessness
[ 2011.03.07 06:56:00 ] Pegleg Punk> Are you the devil, Mr. De'yonete?
[ 2011.03.07 06:56:14 ] Pegleg Punk > Are you Beelzebub?
[ 2011.03.07 06:56:24 ] Giovani De'yonet > im worse than the devil no i bid you and you dumbrocks goodbye
[ 2011.03.07 06:56:46 ] Pegleg Punk > that’s right, Mr. De'yonet.
[ 2011.03.07 06:56:48 ] Pegleg Punk > Run.
[ 2011.03.07 06:56:51 ] Pegleg Punk > Run away.
[ 2011.03.07 06:57:37 ] Pegleg Punk > Before you go, Mr. De'yonet, don't forget to take your seventy units of ore.
[ 2011.03.07 06:59:19 ] Pegleg Punk > Central Mining Industries will cease and desist all operations here, until they purchase the proper permits.
[ 2011.03.07 06:59:30 ] Pegleg Punk > Or they bring their big "titan"...*snicker*
[ 2011.03.07 07:07:29 ] Pegleg Punk > Well, now that Leurtmar has been cleansed of idiocy, I will move on. Fare thee well!
[ 2011.03.07 07:08:07 ] Aha Toro > Thanks for shutting that guy up. God, he was annoying.
[ 2011.03.07 07:08:23 ] Pegleg Punk > Miss Toro, no one likes to lose.
[ 2011.03.07 07:08:37 ] Pegleg Punk> Least of all the asteroids. However, they do not have mouths to voice their displeasure.
There is little that can afford warmth in the cold vacuum of space. One such fuel is hate; one of many stimuli that act as a survival mechanism and inherent to our species. Hate, that potent draught, can cloud the senses and cause a lapse in judgment. If left unchecked and not consumed in careful moderation, hate can rot a soul.
As I lavished over the expensive meal Aha had provided for me, a steamed bass with langoustine, cucumber and apple, Oscietra caviar sauce- I rumerated over the day's events and just how lucky I was.

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