Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Re: Honor

"Is there honor in EVE? Is there honor in piracy? This question is brought up quite often around New Eden. Personally, I've been dumbfounded at the discourse on the subject; here is my attempt to set things straight." -Ka Jolo "Honor (OOC) Blog post."

In an attempt to respond to Ka Jolo's question, I will start by reciting the Merriam-Webster's definition of "honor":


Function: noun
8 a: a keen sense of ethical conduct :
integrity b: one's word given as a guarantee of performance
Having provided an official definition of the word "honor" (the subject of Mr. Ka Jolo's latest blog entry), it is safe to assert that even this word's definition is subjective, and can be interpreted in a myriad of ways as diverse as the populace of New Eden. Each and every one of us- you, me, the guy you just podded, the guy that just podded you, that Amarrian stripper rubbing her burgeoning firm mounds of flesh all over that fellow- Well, you get my point. Every last one of us, participants in this "mortal coil" hold a preconceived ideal of "honor" as defined by the sum of our life experiences.
Speaking for myself, (I wouldn't dare speak for anyone else!) I give little and take what I want. Someone once likened me to a "lone wolf". I remember brimming with pride at being compared to that mythological creature, and subsequent name of a T2 Rifter variant. The mythological wolf has been described as a carnivorous canine- wild and unruly; keen mongrels and savvy hunters! Now, I enjoy a thrilling hunt- especially pitted against a worthy opponent! I have used my wiles in order to best or out-smart my opponents and win an engagement. This may include (but not limited to) allocating the contents of a target's jet-can and assuming their jet-can's label as my own, in an attempt to fool my opponent into removing or extracting the contents of the can. Perhaps this is dishonorable behavior, or perhaps this is cunning behavior. The interpretation of this behavior depends on the individual and the individual's personal definition of "honor".

I enjoy the thrill of combat with other pod-pilots. My insatiable bloodlust is not particular whether or not combat is consensual or non-consensual. The thrill of testing my mettle and honing my skills holds me in the throws of addiction. That desire drives me to hunt, that desire drives me to seek potential victims and opponents. I do what is necessary to ensure victory- my victory over my intended victim.
I do not give my word freely, nor often, but when I do my word is my bond. If I barter and agree to a ransom with a subject, I will honor that agreement for my part. Likewise, if I suggest a ransom and my opponent stalls or rejects my offer all together, then I will act as I see fit- unbound by any word, free from any agreement.

Am I with honor? Many would answer in the negative based simply on the predication that I flip cans in hi-sec space. This act of flipping cans, in itself, is frowned upon by the community as a whole; widely viewed as a reprehensible and dishonorable means to bully or grief pod pilots out of their hard earned ISK (Eye-ehs-kay) as well as their luxuriously fitted ships. Frankly, I think most pilots loathe can-mongers out of simple fear. Falling prey to a can-flipper is a very real risk that exists in hi-security, an otherwise risk-free environ. The defense I am presented with most often to support this opinion is that "real" player versus player, or "PVP", occurs in low-sec space. "Pick on someone your own size!" Or my favorite, "You suck so you have to pick on non-combat pilots in hi-sec to win!"
I do not personalize a response to argue or support these varying but related opines! I do, however, enjoy this form of protest in all of it's various incarnations- the more boisterous the better. However, I will mention that I have experienced some very challenging fights against fellow pod-pilots in my travels throughout the hi-security space of New Eden. Low-sec is not a pre-requisite for a challenging or fulfilling combat experience, however, low-sec is a great place to fall into an ambush and find oneself violently "podded".

Am I honorable? The question is better posed to Mr. Nortash or OneApache. Mr. Nortash has witnessed first hand that I am a Pegleg of my word! He may not agree with, or appreciate my behavior, but Mr. Nortash can never say that I broke my word, or failed to make good on our business agreement(s). OneApache could also attest that I am a man of my word. Based on our chance meeting in the Abudan system, Mr. OneApache spared his asteroid slaying Rohk an untimely demise at my hand by complying with my ransom demands. In return, I kept my word and let his Rohk limp quietly away. These individuals may not like what I do. These individuals may not agree with the way that I do it! Hell, friends and fellow readers, these pod-pilots may very well loathe me as an individual: "Pegleg Punk, the dirty no-good pirate". But Mr. Nortash and Mr. OneApache will both admonish that I am a creature of my word!

It is this Siebestor's opinion, forged by experience, that in space there is little room for honor: There is merely the hunter and the hunted. I am a predator, it is my nature to hunt.

I want to especially thank the "First People" website for providing some very exquisite pictures of father Wolf!


Hallan Turrek said...

My word as a bond is something I've carried with me throughout many games. It is the central focus of my gameplay. I may flip cans, pirate, destroy ships and kill people, but once you've my word, that is the end of the discussion.

I am glad to see that as a pervading notion among the rest of the pirates in this community.

Pegleg Punk said...

To be honest, I do not think it is a pervading attitude amongst pirates, sadly. It would seem that in ever increasing frequency, pod-pilots that share our line of work tend to break their word more often than in times past. At least, this is what many of the old-timers' believe and claim in C and P.

However, it is always refreshing to find one that shares similar traits, codes- values.

Pegleg Punk said...

Salute, hallan turrek!


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