Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Always Carry a Flask

This Spirit warms the gut and tickles the nose!
Like an avenging spirit I return to New Eden, bent on cutting a swath through a whole new crop of pod pilots’ intent on cluttering the reaches of space with trash and junk. The reasons for my absence are not important; however, I noticed upon my return that my physical appearance had changed…more than likely due to some side effect of prolonged time spent in my pod.

What, besides my physical appearance has changed during my absence? In Zero, Zero (0.0) space (the reaches that far extend past Concord’s watchful gaze) empires have waxed and waned- like so many castles of sand facing an ocean tide. It does not seem that much has transpired between the four axis' of power; Minmatar, Galente, Caldari, and Amarr. War and contention are at an all-time high, which is good business for a civil engineer such as me. Unfortunately, drones seem to hurt more now than ever- which is bad for business. I have already lost resources to Tech 2 (T2) drones, and it is clear to me that future, similar, engagements will require a change in my strategy. More pilots inclined to mine ore in hi-security (hi-sec) space are doing so with a hauling partner! I hope this will ultimately prove to be an adopted practice by all operators that choose a life in that particular field (pun intended).
Now, don’t for an instant think that old Pegleg wants to be unemployed, or is bitter that he fights a one man crusade against an unseen foe with countless allies. Quite the contrary! I am compelled to muster on spreading the good word, “cleanliness before podliness” in my own uniquely exuberant way-and perhaps eliciting a chuckle from you, my reader, from time to time. Fewer offenders may afford me the luxury of plying new trades. If you, dear reader, have any ideas' or suggestions' I welcome you sound off.

After so much time away, I looked up my old business contacts, and found a few that were still willing (or able) accompany me along my crusade. Out of so many associates, many had moved into 0.0 space and made a name for themselves, while others adventured forth charting new frontiers. Still others such as Havohej, and Good Samaritan simply disappeared never to be heard from again…

Let us remain silent for a moment and honor their memory.

One fellow in particular, a fellow who I attended RMS with (who later graduated in my absence) had made a name for himself by forging a fight club that tests their mettle against the biggest, meanest, and snottiest corporations on the block! Rico Felix, take a bow my dear friend, because this toast is to you!

You know that nostalgia can soften a man and dull a sword. Remember to keep your eyes wide open, and your back against the wall- because thats what I do.

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