Friday, April 22, 2011

What is Your Motivation?

"why you doing this? You ain't makin money!"
A reoccurring question posed to me is what motivates me to walk the path of civil engineer? Each time that question is posed (in a myriad of variations) to me by pod-pilots, I am never afforded the opportunity to answer it myself. Instead, the inquisitive insert their own observation in my stead- and that answer is always the same,

"there are better ways to earn ISK."

Regardless of how often and numerous I pontificate and answer this question in all of it's myriad of explanation was found wanting. It lacked a emotion. My explanation lacked conviction.

And then Chainer Cygnus provided a link to a kinetic animator who, in turn, animated a scene from the Dark Knight featuring The Joker. Sheer poetry. Perfectly summed. I was humbled as this man related perfectly, what I could not:

I don't engage in my chosen activities for monetary gain. I enjoy said activities and the responses they illicit. It is fun to reinforce the simple fact that, "even hi-sec is not safe." Perhaps, when I tire of such mundane activities, I will venture into lo-sec and find a tribe of pirates of like mind and honor...

Until then, dear pod-pilot, what motivates you and your adventures in New Eden?

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